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From capturing the moment to hands-free entertainment, we got you covered.


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Memories come in all shapes and sizes. We want to make sure you keep them forever. Take us along for the journey and preserve memories for a lifetime


An event highlight is just that, it highlights an event. The event could be a single day such as a fundraiser or span over a few days such as a vacation bible school or camp. These are great ways to show people what all happened at the event in a fun and exciting way.

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Everyone wants to live their special day over and over again. Pictures are nice but being able to see full emotions and reactions from you, your spouse, and the people watching, is so much better. Capture your wedding in full HD to show to your friends and family that could not make it, or to relive that wonderful day.

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Pictures is a great way to relive old memories. Great for graduation parties, and memorials. These are usually set to music and have no narration.

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If you are having an event and need music playing or mics turned on and off, SYM Productions has a solution for that. With many years of running sounds, graphics, setting up projectors, tv's, etc, there is no job too big or too small for us. No need to worry about the in's and out's of running cable and making it look pretty. We will get the job done so you can look and sound professional.


Everyone needs a little fun every ones and a while. Let us bring the fun to you with our many options of entertainment. Gather your office, family, or youth group and get the party rolling with one of our packages.

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